Peyote protection?

I was recently on wikipedia reading about psychoactives as I do most all of the time when, whilst reading the post on peyote, I came across the below paragraph, its pretty cool stuff, too bad peyote is currently ILLEGAL, making further study highly restricted and regulated….

“Screening for antimicrobial activity of peyote extracts in various solvents showed positive microbial inhibition. The principal antibiotic agent, a water-soluble crystalline substance separated from an ethanol extract of the plant, was given the name peyocactin.[10] In the same study, mice were used for preliminary animal toxicity tests and protection studies to determine the degree of the inhibitory action of peyocactin against normally fatal infections with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. In every case, the mice that had been given a peyocactin extract survived, while those in the control group died within 60 hours after infection. Peyocactin proved effective against 18 strains of penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, several other bacteria, and a fungus.”


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Merry Christmas!

Hope you are all enjoying Christmas trees of more than one variety on this fine December day, and I hope that all your gifts were happily received by their recipients. If not, don’t forget the greatest gift of all. No, not love! (that’s the second greatest) I’m talking of course about drugs. I for one didn’t get any drugs for Christmas, and I was a bit disappointed about that. Anyway, on to business.

While doing some late gift shopping at the mall, I was drawn to the store that sold tea and only tea. We all know that all real stoners delight in tea, and being a real stoner, I delight in tea. After browsing and sampling their wares, I was shown to the pride and joy of this particular store, Monkey Picked Oolong. At $100 a pound, it is the second most expensive herbal supplement I’ve yet discovered. While I’m not sure about spending that much on tea (I would rather spend it on the FIRST most expensive herbal supplement I’ve yet discovered), I can say that it was very high quality and I can’t say that the price of the tea was all that outrageous. What made it so expensive was the way in which it was harvested, evident in the name of the brew: it is picked by monkeys. It could be picked by humans of course, but that just wouldn’t be nearly as cool! Apparently the best leaves are at the top of the tree, and since monkeys are damn good at climbing trees, the farmers trained them to climb to the top and pick the good stuff. Now this got me thinking. If a monkey can be trained to pick tea, or learn sign language, surely a monkey could be trained to smoke the ganja! It’s a much simpler activity than sign language, and much less physically strenuous than tree climbing. I’m not talking about hotboxing your car with your pet inside it. Of course you could get a monkey high in this fashion, much like I get my dog high on a regular basis. I’m talking about a monkey who can take a bowl, put his thumb on the carb, light the lighter and take a hit. My friends, it can be done. I refuse to die until I have blazed a phat sesh with a monkey. I send you all forth with a mission: find a chill ass chimp and smoke him down.

-The Senator

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Suck on that, California!

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The day that I can say to my Mac, “Yo, Mac, I need to download a whole lot of this music, RIGHT NOW, can you set that shit up for me?” and it says “Ok, coming right up!”, in the classic Macintosh computer voice, will be the day that Babylon and Drugs can be one in the same. But not until then.

-The Senator

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The Acid Casualties

I most definitely was one of these two nights ago.

-The Senator

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“I quite literally, figuratively, mentally, litero-figuratively, figuro-literally…lost all of my shit.” -LSD

If there is any other way for my soul to percieve pure sunshine, I just took approximately three hits of it.

Peace, love, happiness, joy, hope…are the visuals of my acid trip. The psychadelic visuals are everywhere, and the more closely I look at them on any surfaces, the more intricate the patterns of the “sunshine” that is doing work on my brain. For quite some time now I’ve been trying to explore the most intricate details of the designs I’m seeing right now. I feel like I have been able to take the magnafying glass that is my mind and zoom it in to the absolute most microscopic pattern possible, and THAT pattern are the words “Peace, love, happiness, joy, hope”.

Never before in my life have I been able to listen to music and have it literally be interpreted by my senses as the emotion of love. I was able to absorb pure love to my soul through sound waves in the same way that my body absorbs light waves through sunlight.

A friend of mine took some of these fantastic doses and his pattern, while mine was “”Peace, love, happiness, joy, hope”, was “Go Bradley.” The pattern that was bleeding through his entire visual perspective said “Go Bradley.” I happen to know this Bradley fellow, and I am proud to say he’s a friend of mine. I also happen to have a picture of this fairly fantastical figure for you all to see.

Go Bradley.

P.S., to Bob Marley, thanks for reassuring me that “every little thing is going to be alright.”, whether or not there’s any dimension for me to thank you in.

P.S.S to Paul McCartney, your face was at one point the only thing I saw…because of acid.

-The Senator

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Apes vs. Vapes

Vapes are something that we haven’t discussed much on this here site. It is quite like dipping your brain in a vat of THC. Hitting the vape gets you very baked and is actually more healthy for you that not. After the vape is ‘cashed’, there is all the brown, toasted nugget left over. Crumpler the Volcano master plans to take all the weed thats left over, which is about twice as much in actual pot due to matching, and bake it into brownies. Essentially this weed is super-schwag, and it smells like burnt popcorn. We were discussing how the weed passes through the vape and goes from green, sticky, and dank, to burnt and nasty. As the ganja vapor passes through the super-crazy vape technology, all the THC burned, but nothing else is, so all you are hitting is THC and no other part of the plant. What the vape does…is catch the soul of the pot. It is a soulcatcher, and the weed it leaves behind really has no soul. It doesn’t bring people the high, it only brings cottonmouth and the munchies, and that makes the marijuana very sad and depressed. The herb’s essence has been stolen by the vape and delivered it to the lungs of onnnnnneeee haaaaaappppyyy stoner, man!!! In the end its a win-win situation, because the vaped weed is revjuvenated in the brownies and it is happy to deliver you a great body high. In the end what we learned from this is that marijuana indeed has a soul, and should be treated almost like a friend you hang out with. Take it grocery shopping, play frisbee with it, smoke weed with it. Actually you can go ahead and just vape, or smoke, it to your dome and enjoy that very dank and tasty shit. Go do it now. Its always 4:20 somewhere, and time is just an illusion anyway.

The Senator

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